Sometimes the pain is so strong that no matter how hard we try to escape it, we find we are still holding on. Earthbound Traveler is the story of a family in the ’50s. Adalet is a beautiful and unusual woman struggling to keep her marriage afloat. When her marriage begins to fall apart despite all her efforts, she rejects all social values imposed upon her and decides to go her own way, leaving behind her two young daughters, Canan and Vuslat. As this small family breaks apart, and the past unfolds to make way for an uncertain future, different paths, different people enter their lives. But can a broken family, with each member on their own path, ever truly break away from one another?



Theatre Play  

Still on Stage -March 2008

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

 Script Adaptation and Collage from Molière Plays

for 2 hours

Theatre Kedi

Theatre Play 2012-2017

Puffy Monster

Children’s Musical Script

and Lyrics

Theatre Kedi

Musical Script & Lyrics

A Midsummer

Nights Dream

 Adaptation Musical Script & Lyrics from Shakespeare 

Tiyatro Kedi

Musical Script & Lyrics


Adaptation for Musical

Novel by  Michael Walsh

Tiyatro Kedi

Theatre Play


Translated Play by Gardner McKay

Tiyatro Kedi

Story &Scripts

Glass Musk

Adaptation Story from Korean Drama

Script 1-4 Episodes

STAR TV / 2017 / Arslan Film

Episodic Stories

Flames of Desire

Story 1-29 Episodes

CHANNEL D  / 2016 -2017

Most Production

Musical Script & Lyrics

The Pinchpenny

Phantom of the Opera

 Adaptation Musical Script & Lyrics from Jack Sharkey & Dave Reiser

Tiyatro Kedi

Musical Script & Lyrics

Lady of Camellias

Adaptation for Musical

Novel by

  Alexandre Dumas fils

Tiyatro Kedi

Musical Script

Ferhat Gocer. Musical Show

Script for Show

Adaptation Story for Tv

Broken Lifes

Story adaptation for TV

Novel by Halit Ziya Usakligil

O3 Media

Original Story

Queen of the Night

Story Bible


O3 Media

Theatre Play & Lyric


 Theatre Script from novel by

Ayse Kulin /

Lyric, composed by Fazil Say

Tiyatro Ayna

Theatre Play


 Theatre Script from novel by

Resat Nuri Guntekin

Tiyatro Kedi

Musical Lyrics

Saripinar 1914

Musical Scripts 

Istanbul Municipal Theatre