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Multicolor Abstract

About Ipek

As a Producer, worked on over 50 performances including theatre plays, musicals,  cabaret shows,  concept concerts, and  TV quiz/competition shows. She over a thousand theatre tours to over a hundred cities, some overseas. Ipek worked at almost all levels and positions of production and management in the theatre, cinema, and television sectors.


As a Writer ipek has broadcasted stories and scripts, 12 staged plays, and musicals. Throughout her career,  edited many staged plays, content, and scripts, besides her own. 
She has been using her editorial skills for more than twenty years in taking stage photos and making poster designs.

As Creative Executive, Ipek provided consultancy services to hundreds of corporate and artistic companies and artists. She still contributes to personnel and to corporate companies with creative drama and creative writing pieces of training with soft skills workshops.

United Arts & Theatre founded  Ipek in Istanbul in 2011 and has been operating in London since 2019. The company's offices in London and Istanbul are centralized and serve globally. 
Ipek developed partnerships worldwide by evaluating the content produced by other companies in United Arts & Theatre. She provides content consultancy services in the adaptation of stories to different cultures.

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