I produced, staged, and executed 49 productions, including 27 stage plays, 6 musicals, 5 cabarets, 7 concept concerts end 4 TV Show. I am working as a Play, Script, Storywriter, Theatre Producer, and International Creative Executive since 1994. Throughout my productive and creative years in the Entertainment Business, as a Communication Specialist. I had given and still continues to give training and consultancy services many companies and artists.

United Arts & Theatre was founded by me in Istanbul in 2011 and had been operating in London since 2019. The company's offices in London and Istanbul are centralized and serve globally.

United Arts & Theater produces original content. Our company developed partnerships around the world by evaluating the content produced by other companies. We provide content consultancy services in the adaptation of stories to different cultures.


Bring great stories

to Media and the Theatre 

for audiences of all ages

Knows both creative and commercial aspects of Theatre and prepares the productions


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